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"There is a difference between teaching kids to read and teaching them to love reading." Daniel Willingham

Change is coming to Michele's Library!
Instead of being a K-4 Teacher Librarian, I'm moving to High School!

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Media Center is where I belong
Igniting the spark of reading by
Creating an atmosphere of joyful learning, celebrating the unique qualities of individual
students, and imbedding the love of books and acquisition of knowledge in the
Heart of each child
Emphasizing cross-curricular learning while promoting the
Library as a safe refuge in which
Every child is valued and loved.
by Michele Carroll, 2016. Unauthorized use of this acrostic will be considered infringement of copyright.

What do you think when you hear the word “library”?
  • The quiet of students reading?
  • The smell of books?
  • Technology?
  • Research for the youngest learners?
  • Collaborative group work?
  • Excited students?
  • Exercise and Dance?
  • Poetry?
  • Puzzles?
  • Dramatic Play?
  • Book Clubs for struggling readers?
  • Art?

Michele’s Library encompasses all of the above . . . well not the “quiet of students reading”. As I develop and add to this wiki, I hope to share with you ideas that have worked for me and I hope to receive responses from you – what works for you, suggestions for improvements, and any other wisdom you care to impart.

Liberate your mind at the library
Increase your intelligence with information
Believe in yourself
Reading is recreation for the brain
Allow your mind to grow at the library
Revelations can be found at the library, which is
Yearning to be a place for you.
by Michele Carroll 2008, 2016 Unauthorized use of this acrostic will be considered a copyright infringement.

Michele Carroll

Teacher Librarian

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all." - Jacqueline Kennedy
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